The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek term meaning “a woman caregiver of another woman.”

A Doula is a person who has education and experience assisting women through the childbirth process. The best Doulas provide emotional support and physical comfort measures during labor and child delivery. We, with our best Doula services, will also help with positioning and movement, which assists in the descent of the baby and pain management for the mother. The best Doulas pay special attention to the woman during labor and will not leave them during the time of baby birth. Doulas are also aware of the memories that a woman will carry with her the child birth experience and promote a positive child birth experience.

Postpartum Doulas

Art of Nursing Care, Inc. / Art of Birthing Center Postpartum doulas are women who provide educational and physical support in the home after the birth of your child or children. We provide emotional, physical and breastfeeding support along with practical newborn care. In addition we can assist you in taking care of necessary household tasks such as: grocery shopping; meal preparation, doing the dishes, laundry or tending to the older children. Our postpartum Doulas help ease the transition into motherhood.

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