Amy attended the birth of my daughter in Feb 2009 and I cannot imagine how I would have gotten through it without her. She took such amazing care of me before, during, and after my delivery. She went so above and beyond what I ever would have expected of my midwife. She helped to make my birth experience positive and wonderful. Thank you for all that you do. You are truly an angel for women in labor. Love you!
I am so grateful to Amy Tinney for the invaluable support she gave me for my postpartum visit. I was crying a lot, very disappointed that I had a C-section instead of the home birth we had planned. I had a hard time being so dependent on others and needing so much help. Instead of enjoying the baby I was overwhelmed, what Amy helped me realize was actually grief. Amy articulated my feelings in a way that helped me start to get past them so I could better connect with my newborn. I was so grateful for her help. Her expertise in newborn care as a nurse and midwife saved my husband and I. And at the time we called her the “baby whisperer” but really, she’s a “new mama whisperer”! She knows that taking care of Mama means the baby will be well taken care of.
We were lucky enough to have Amy there for the birth of our first child Oscar, but we were even luckier to have her there again for the beautiful birth of our second child Alice. In both cases, she was thoroughly competent, professional ,and knowledgeable. Although the two birth were very different, Amy knew exactly what was needed and was completely understanding of my needs at every stage of the pregnancy and the labor.She was always ready and eager to answer any questions that we may have had and was full of expert advice that helped us with the mental and physical and emotional aspect of pregnancy and birth. Amy was totally comfortable with having my two year-old son, and my husband in the bedroom during the labor and made a whole family feel part of the process. the birth was thus a very moving and beautiful experience for the entire family. Something that would been impossible in a hospital setting.In addition to Amy, she has a team of nurses and midwives who were always available at Amy’s practice to make the regular check ups a thoroughly worthwhile experience. We were treated with patience and care in a friendly manner ,and she always took time with us. We often felt as if we are Amy’s only client. She is very special and made us feel special from the beginning to the end. We cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are planning on having a midwife for your birth ( which we recommend) , Amy is definitely the best person to choose in LA.
The birth was all I had hoped it would be. The ability to move freely, the luxury of warm water in a birthing tub, the support around me, the comfort of my own home were all key ingredients to a smooth, powerful labor. I did get a small dose of what I feared as well. I was sure I was going to have a big baby, and I feared he would be hurt if his shoulder became stuck. He was in fact big (11lbs 2oz) and he did have a sticky shoulder. Amy was so attuned to the progress of my labor. She was aware of the signs and acted swiftly. It could not have been more than 30 seconds between the time she gave her first instruction and the time he was out. No harm to him, no harm to me, and absolutely no panic at any moment. My husband didn’t even know something was wrong. Amy was simply amazing, always calm and always giving us the very best care.
The story of great care just keeps going in the post-partum period, but I’ll stop here. I said to Amy and Sarah once in the midst of my fretting over the unknown that I felt so alone, but the truth is with them, starting at 34 weeks, I was never alone. I was never alone in labor. I was never alone when my son was one day old, one week old, one month old, and now one year old. Amy and Sarah genuinely care. They love their mamas and babies and we are so, so grateful.
Sarah was our midwife for the birth of my first daughter, Ruby, in 2009. I had an OBGYN and had a horrible experience through the first half of my pregnancy. I even switched groups to find a new OBGYN, and after having an equally rushed and negative experience (they gave me the wrong results for a genetic test, and when I asked what I could do to avoid running into similar problems was treated as if I was being unreasonable or difficult…) my husband, a doctor, and I talked about doing a home birth.We did a ton of research. We watched documentaries, we researched birthing statistics, we looked up birth centers and home birth midwives and interviewed midwives for both. We talked to people who had had c-sections, epidurals, delivered naturally at hospitals and at birth centers and homes. We did a ton of research. We watched documentaries, we researched birthing statistics, we looked up birth centers and home birth midwives and interviewed midwives for both. We talked to people who had had c-sections, epidurals, delivered naturally at hospitals and at birth centers and homes.When we met Sarah, we were thrilled. She is not only experienced, clinically competent, and supportive, but she is very grounded, down to earth, and made sure all of our questions were answered and that we felt we had as much time as we needed. I had a lovely pregnancy, and a beautiful birth (of COURSE it was hard!) and a healthy baby girl. Amy came the next day to help with Ruby’s first physical and test (where they prick the heal) at our request. She was amazing with Ruby. We are now pregnant with our second daughter and are so happy that Amy and Sarah have the Art of Nursing Care practice together. They make sure we are informed, and paying attention to the finer points of a healthy pregnancy – like nutrition and exercise – things your OBGYN will barely mention most of the time – AND they work with an excellent supportive OBGYN in case you decide or need to change your birth plan at any point. They make sure you are safe, that you are taking responsibility for having the healthiest pregnancy you can, and they are so warm and responsive. I never feel uncomfortable texting or calling the if I have a concern or question. They are organized, are never late, and I just am grateful for their presence in my family’s life. But please, do your research and interview these women to decide if home birth is for you. We women have to take responsibility for our bodies, for being informed about all the risks and benefits of all the birth options that are luckily available to us. Regardless, I highly recommend the Art of Nursing Care for anyone considering a home birth. You and your baby will be well cared for, and it will be an amazing experience!
Amy and her team at Art of Nursing are true superheroes! My story started with my first son whom I gave birth to two years ago. I had wanted to have a natural birth then but due to complications, I was rushed into a C-section at 35 weeks. Even though my son was completely fine, I had a nightmare experience in the hospital that led to me developing White Coat Syndrome. For the next year, every time I’d have to see a doctor or get my blood pressure taken, I’d experience panic attacks. When I discovered I was pregnant with my second son, I realized I was going to have to face my fears. Luckily, I found Amy Tinney and her team at The Art of Nursing. I was instantly struck by their calm approach to my VBAC desire. Amy was so understanding that she’d instantly bring my blood pressure down. She also recommended wonderful people who helped me release my previous birth experience through hypnosis and craniosacral work. By the time I reached 37 weeks, I was feeling more and more confident that I’d have the home birth I’d always wanted! And it happened – three days ago, I delivered my second son through a successful home birth that I will never forget as long as I live. I felt completely supported by Amy and her expert team. When I got to the end and my baby was born, I felt like I had not only birthed him naturally but conquered my fears for life! An amazing accomplishment that I could not have done without them. I feel very empowered by the whole experience. I highly recommend Art of Nursing to anyone who has had a similar story to mine. I am truly grateful for everything these ladies have done for me! Thank you so much!
We recently had Sarah, Amy and Carly as our midwives for our first child. My wife wanted to go the natural home birth route and I was inclined to go the hospital route. WIth some convincing and the hard to dispute argument that she will be doing all of the work, we went with the Art of Nursing. They were superb. Sarah arrived soon after our call and soon thereafter Carly and later Amy (who was tending other business). Every detail every encouragement was handled with knowledge and compassion. Our pre-birth visits were informative and we never felt rushed out the door. Being a bit skeptical of a home birth, they were patient and answered my home birth concerns without defensiveness and good information.My wife could not be happier with the experience. She was empowered throughout and was steadfast and strong through her phases of labor. She feels it would have been difficult to have had a better experience. The wonderful help and direction we received gives us greater comfort in having children in the future. And when we do, no doubt we’ll be using the Art of Nursing.
Sarah and Amy took fantastic care of us while pregnant, giving birth and after the arrival of our little girl. I could not have asked for more thorough, attentive care and compassion. When it came time to deliver, I felt safe, at ease and was able to naturally deliver a healthy baby at home. A year later, I still think Sarah and Amy’s care is one of the reasons my daughter is so calm and bright-eyed. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
I went to visit Amy at 34 weeks after becoming disillusioned with my OB who gave me 4 minutes of his time at each visit. Amy was wonderful and our prenatal appointments lasted over an hour and I think I asked her all the questions I had wanted to ask for the previous 7 months! We had a wonderful and supported home birth with Amy, Sarah, Sarah and Laura. They were so good at what they do that I never even felt like there were 4 of them there! But i also felt so secure knowing the amount of experience between them and how thorough their whole home birth experience was. My husband and I were supported in doing our own thing during labour and the midwives prepared the birthing tub and kept an eye on me and brought me energizing drinks and snacks. Amy helped with my husband in showing him ways to support my contractions and kept a soothing, calm presence throughout my loud labour. She let me decided when I wanted to be checked and basically let me lead my own birth- which is how it should be! When it came to pushing the baby Amy and Sarah both attended to me and made sure I knew how to push (I was trying to resist the urge) as well as making sure our baby girl didn’t come out too quickly. The baby was monitored constantly and hearing her little heartbeat racing towards me was wonderful. The result was a wonderful and stitch free delivery :) an obstetrician literally comes in at the last minute and ‘catches’ a baby, midwives support the baby out the whole way and minimize pain and tearing by doing so. Postpartum the support has been just as wonderful. Visiting me in my home and giving me emotional support as well as lactation advice. And not giving up on me! Every problem I had was followed up by numerous check ins and text messages until they were convinced I was ok! I also love having a mothers group to go to at the art of nursing where I can just hang out, talk to other mums and enjoy yet more advice and support from these amazing women. I can’t wait to have the art of nursing team involved in my next pregnancy from the beginning this time! Even if you are not up for a home birth- having concurrent care would have been wonderful. When you’re pregnant you just want to talk everything through and ask questions and feel like the person caring for you is as interested in your pregnancy as you are. I don’t think any obstetrician can or does provide that sort of nurturing!